Sunday, December 09, 2012

So much for my plans to blog every day a la advent calender style. Too busy with work and consequently too tired to do anything creative. I was 30 minutes away from finishing on Friday when I received a referral for my first AMHP assessment. After an early start I eventually finished late and completed a twelve hour day. I have a horrible sense of this becoming a regular occurrence. Despite plans to have a lie in over the weekend I have woken up each morning at a ridiculously early time. Hence the tiredness and a Sunday afternoon nap with one of the cats plonking herself on me as I slept. However, a productive weekend with a clearout of some rubbish, necessary shopping completed despite the seasonal shopping frenzy, the dog walked and I enjoyed some decent beers. Innis & Gunn "Independence Day" at £3.99 for four bottles... a bargain! (B & M once again). A very tasty beer and you can certainly taste the whisky and the oak. At 7% abv it's a beer to treat with respect.

I donated a large sack full of books to a local charity shop and I ruthlessly culled what was once a large book collection. This included some old history books, primarily 17th and 18th century British  history and modern middle eastern history plus lots of detective and historical novels. I cannot bring myself to throw out some books including the Rebus novels, Sherlock Holmes and Terry Pratchett Discworld books. These are the books I will read again and again, never tiring of them and enjoying them as much as I did the first time I read them. I also threw out / donated those "It'll come in handy one day" items such as cables, chargers, plugs, etc... Mrs C had an attack of the vapours watching me cull the books because she knows the emotional attachment I have for books, clothes, etc... It felt like the right time with the course completed and starting in my new role after such a long slog. Tomorrow will be another long day with assessments, paperwork and a meeting to squeeze in plus the inevitable 150 miles around the county. My one concern regarding travel is the weather later this week with the forecast snow, ice and dangerous roads. Boots, shovel, extra woolies and flask of coffee will be in the car boot although given the difficulties getting over the Wolds I may end up stuck at home. We'll see what happens...


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