Monday, October 15, 2012

I bit the bullet and I have booked two days annual leave so as to avoid going off sick. The back spasms are still there and the icing on the cake is the sore throat I woke up with this morning. So an hour tidying up loose ends from last week and paperwork emailed off before I ate too much home baked bread & collapsed in a suitably firm backed chair with my kindle. Two hours dozing in the chair only to wake up with various cats clustered on or about my person. For once they behaved themselves and slept quietly without a scrap breaking out.
I have avoided the news today because the saville effect is widening... It looks like any male DJ aged over 30 years employed by the BBC during the 1970's and '80's is now a suspect. Even John Peel... feet of clay, feet of clay. As for the smoke and mirrors of the Tories regarding the EU... It is very simple, give us the opportunity of a straightforward in / out referendum. I will nail my colours to the mast and declare my support for our immediate exit from the EU and we place our our reliance upon trade and other agreements which have worked for many years without surrendering lock, stock, barrel and our illusory democracy to the unelected EU cliques. Sadly, all three of the main parties are in thrall to the EU and one only has to look at the Kinnocks to understand why politicians are keen to keep the gravy train. The usual tired response consists of "Little Englanders", "wacist" or the electorate are deemed too naive / stupid / ignorant to understand why a federal Europe is required. If a proper referendum is held and the electorate vote to stay in by an overwhelming majority at least then we know where we stand. But weasally fork tongued snake oil selling politicos (can you tell I don't like them?) claiming to represent us and know better... no thank you. I'd rather trust my dogs judgement and she sniffs the bottoms of other dogs and eats unidentifiable things from the pavement.
So I have stuck to music and historical novels for entertainment today although I did enjoy part 1 of "Dracula" on BBC iplayer. It's autumn, the nights are drawing in and 'tis the season for ghost and horror stories. I have ordered some free books on the kindle: Sheridan le Fanu, M R James and E F Benson ghost stories from the Victorian era and early twentieth century for atmospheric supernatural tales. I have read them all before, several times over as a child and adult (I loved public lending libraries) but, like Sherlock Holmes, I can read these stories again and again. As I am on leave and purely for medicinal purposes, I think a nice Spanish brandy and a further dip into my kindle as I wrap up warm. I hope you are all well and make sure you stay indoors, wrap up warm and have a light on. You just never know what might be rattling at your door and windows... An EU official to stop you reusing jam jars for home made chutneys.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

One day soon Mr BW will have time to write the guest post he's promised me of the improtance of membership of the EU for trade purposes. Certainly we need to renegotiate our budget contribution and our acceptance of some EU legal determination, but for trade it is essential.

Have you tried a wedge-shaped cushion to sit on? Miraculous invention. Puts your spine into a different position and alleviates back pain. (cheaper products must be available - I've had mine 10 or 15 years now and it wasn't anywhere near that expensive then, but it's still as good now as it was on the day I got it, so I suppose you get what you pay for).

10:42 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hello BW.
I have saved that website to favourites & I'll have a dekko later.
Can we not continue to trade with the EU without being a member of it?
I would prefer a trade agreement plus looser agreements regarding security, work, etc...
But if we have an in/out referendum it can be decided once & for all instead of the current game playing by the main parties.

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

The trade thing is not as simple as one thinks delcatto - MrBW is forever banging on about it, and I understand what he says at the time, but never well enough to write my own post! Basically though, there are no boundaries within the EU, so no customs, import/export duties, endless slowing-down paperwork etc etc. The EU aren't likely to allow us to trade with them on the same basis as currently if we leave as free trade within the EU area is seen as the major benefit.

It's much more complex than that, of course, but we'd lose more than we'd gain by leaving, and it would kill much of our export market, and make imports hugely more expensive.

1:28 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hello BW. I understand that there might be difficulties if we were to leave but I am sure trade & money will overcome any difficulties. Mind you, I wonder what we will have to trade once the recession ends. I also wonder whether leaving the EU will have a big impact upon our financial services. However, a referendum would be useful if only to finally come to a decision: either in or out of the EU and, if we are to remain within it, to wholly subscribe to it and fully participate within it. I still support our leaving it.

7:43 pm  

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