Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer's over... whoosh.... here one day and gone the next. Children back at school next week, wet, cold and windy weather today and September looming large upon the chronological horizon. What with the Jubilee, European football and the Olympics the weeks zoomed by and here we are. being ever an optimist I have booked the first week of September off in the possibly erroneous belief that with a wet summer we may have an Indian summer. Fingers crossed.
This time I shall be heading down to Essex to discover where Tiddles has got to, a quick visit to the sainted Mater and No.1 son is coming with me to catch up with his cousins. I had also hoped to spend a day or two in London but that will wait for another day. With all the olympics razzamatazz I decided to postpone a trip to London until next summer. It will feel odd going to London as a tourist, to the place I grew up in and once knew very well. Weekends as a street urchin travelling gratis via the tube to the West End, the various parks or to the museums in South Kensington. It has been a few years and I have a hankering to view the sites from a new perspective. But that is next summer and I may well have changed my mind by then. I have been considering a well deserved holiday abroad and Bulgaria takes my fancy. Lots of history, good walking plus beaches and reasonably cheap. The property is also cheap over there and I would like a closer look at the country. Mrs C. is not interested so I may have to consider a holiday abroad alone. She has added my interest in the lifestyle over there to the box that contains my dreams of sailing and camper vans. But a holiday and a look around the place won't do any harm although I have spent the past eighteen months researching the place on line. Looking at property on line, following the blogs of people who have moved there and their trials and tribulations. Mind you, I have promised to go to Ireland to catch up with family and I again put it off this year. Time to buy the unbreakable piggy bank and put some money away although with the ever rising costs of everything, particularly fuel, I may well opt for an affordable cycling holiday to Essex and back!


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