Friday, August 17, 2012

... Surreptitious look from behind the curtains...

The weekend begins from now as I finally take some of the umpteen hours time owing. This is my third attempt to use up accrued time. I finally put my foot down and insisted on the time off.
Have I spent it usefully? Not at all otherwise I would be out doing exciting things involving glamour, fast cars and celebs. But it is raining, I am a broke middle aged man in a quiet backwater and I am happier to just take the opportunity to put my feet up.

As an earlier post stated I am plodding on although the driving and mileage involved in work takes its toll. Worryingly, some of the media are suggesting petrol will hit £1.50 / litre in the near future. I will continue to scour the want ads for local jobs because work travel will become too expensive.

Another but inevitable worry is my dog who is now showing signs of her increasing age. She is slow to get up if she sleeps in one spot for too long. Initially she displays wobbly back legs but once up and moving she is fine. With three elderly cats and now the pooch showing signs of ageing my home is rapidly becoming a feline / canine retirement home. Poor old thing will still spend all day chasing the ball given half a chance. She is also showing a lot of white around her chops. She'll have my undivided attention this weekend as I potter about the garden in between the expected rain showers.
My total garden output has been several tomatoes and one chilli! Too much rain, very little sun and too cold for most of the plants. As for the invasion of the snails... the little shelled bastards overran my plants & only one rather pathetic cucumber plant has survived. I will have to plan more carefully for next year (ever the optimist).
Time for a cup of Lapsang Souchong which Mrs C. dislikes but I thoroughly enjoy the scent and taste.


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