Thursday, August 02, 2012

Allez Allez Wiggo!

It's good to see cycle mania hit the media although whether it translates to the streets time will only tell. I hope it does with all the children watching & excited by the media coverage.I have spent the past week on the exercise bike with five miles every day followed by a light weights workout. That plus the dog walking will hopefully translate into a fitter and "leaner" delcatto. I finally fixed my son's bike and took it out for a spin this afternoon. I had forgotten the freedom cycling gives one and the real connection to one's environment compared with the insulated and disconnected car driving experience. A lot of fun although the bike has double suspension compared to the fixed frames I have been used to. Slightly disconcerting but I will get used to it although I do need to fit some mudguards. It is also a heavy MTB as opposed to a road bike but I wll only be using it for fun and not for commuting. Being a MTB with double suspension may turn out to be a good thing having encountered the numerous pot holes. How much taxation is extracted from motorists... and what is it being spent on?  (Rhetorical question because wars, foreign aid, bankers, interest, pissing it up a wall all has first dibs rather than road maintenance).

I have been watching some of the corporate games fest and I enjoyed the rowing, women's football, sailing and swimming. It is hard to escape the jamboree but I pick and choose those events which appeal to me. I even watched the basketball the other night, another game I played in my youth with all the skills and finesse of a blind charging rhino who has scented a female on heat. I regard my having lots of enthusiasm as an attribute! I am looking forward to the athletics although returning to work may limit what I do get to watch. I must away as I am cooking some low fat egg custards, a favourite of mine and something I haven't yet attempted to cook using the slimming world recipe.
Apart from that it will be feet up and nose in the kindle: I ordered some history e-books and I am ploughing my way through them.


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I can't say that I have been watching the Olympics, but I do enjoy checking in with Diamond Geezer (dot blogspot dot com) to get his views as a learned local.

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