Sunday, December 02, 2012


The second door of the advent calender is opened and todays topic is feeding our feathered friends. This is not an easy task with three carnivorous felines who are aware of the bird table and the potential for fresh meat. Mog also regards the bird table as a high rise flat where he may shelter from the rain. But when winter comes round we do our best to put out seed, fat balls and other delights for the birds. It is delightful to watch sparrows, blackbirds, blue tits, robins, thrushes and collared doves gathering but there is one fly in this ointment. The extremely large wood pigeons that throw their considerable weight around and bully the other birds away from the feast. The fat buggers scoff everything as quickly as they can and leave nothing for the other birds We chase them away in the hope that the others get a look in and so they do for a brief while before the greedy pigeons   steam in again. There was the memorable day that a falcon popped in and made a quick lunch of one of the wood pigeons. It devoured it under the willow tree and strangely enough all of our cats disappeared whilst it ate a leisurely lunch. It was that day I decided I required a decent camera to capture the wildlife.

We have had a woodsnipe, foxes, neighbouring cats, frogs and toads pop by. Given that we are in the centre of town I am often surprised by the variety of local fauna. On the rough ground where I walk the pooch there are the inevitable rats and foxes although the day the pooch sprung a large rabbit from the undergrowth was a huge surprise. I continue to keep an eye out for the otter and with large fish once again in the river and cold weather we may see one again soon. The town is also inundated with seagulls of all shapes and sizes. The scattered take away meals remnants ensure they thrive. They fly over but they never pop in to the garden. Now one of those large Herring Gulls would be a surprise for the cats.


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