Tuesday, December 25, 2012

                                                Merry Christmas!

The weather outside looks nothing like the above but my imagination pictures the above. Irrespective of the damp conditions, with blue skies mind you, the dog & I enjoyed our late morning ramble wishing other dog walkers season's greetings. I finished work on time yesterday after a late referral for an assessment received from the police but it turned out to be relatively straightforward and we expedited the person on their way home. At 5.05 pm I was out the door and into my one hour commute home plus a late stop at a the local off licence for some specialist beers to celebrate Saturnalia. However, this morning Mrs C. and I discovered a glaring omission... we hadn't bought any bread. That soon wiped the smug smiles form our faces. After a brief visit to ensure LE's cat is fed, watered and fussed over we bought some bread. Back to the ranch, feet up after I cooked a full English breakfast (Christmas dinner will be later this evening) and here I am... relaxing with freshly brewed coffee and carols courtesy of BBCi.

December thus far I have completed just under 900 work miles plus the commuting mileage of 1000 miles and the month is not yet ended. No wonder I am knackered with back ache and a car that is gradually falling apart. Hence these two days off will be spent sleeping and recuperating before I go once more unto the fray. My plans for the new year will be to find a job nearer home and a return to a better work / life balance. I also discovered at the staff meal that I have little in common with my work colleagues apart from one of them. Their conversation focused upon designer clothes, children, shopping, TV programmes, etc... Just the one colleague and I spoke about radio, books, politics and what Christmas is really about. There was also the realisation that I am ten years older than most of them and my thoughts are focused upon an early retirement. With the expected chaos of NHS reconfigurations and the welfare reforms next year work will only get busier and more interesting. But realising that the next generation of "Peter principle "managers are now in place including my own manager I think it is time to consider early retirement and what I would like to do next. It's much too soon to go yet and when I do leave I will still have to work part time somewhere. But my tolerance for managerial incompetence, bullshit and unprincipled hypocrites and idiots is wearing thin. However, it is Christmas and the season of goodwill to all so I will stop grumbling and think good thoughts instead.
I am surrounded by cats stuffed with turkey skin and giblets sleeping contentedly beside warm radiators. I have phoned various family members to wish them season's greetings and I look forward to a family repast later today and a couple of glasses of an excellent Port. Sadly, no cigar to go with it... I barely remembered to buy bread so a cigar was not on the shopping list.
I wish you all  an excellent Christmas, make merry and enjoy time with your loved ones.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Happy holiday to you and yours, Delcatto. Take care of your back, I hope you find something closer to home soon.

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