Saturday, January 05, 2013

After the past few days back at work I am totally like the above.

One day I shall post an imaginary tale about managerial incompetence, poorly skilled and hard of thinking staff (NHS and other agencies) and  "How to dump my anxieties upon others late on Friday afternoon before escaping for wine 101".
After twelve hours, no lunch and finally getting home at 8 pm the hero of this tale collapsed exhausted into a comfortable armchair and finally had their first meal since 06.30. A tale for another day perhaps...

I have opted for a dry January, primarily to save money because January is a long month (Christmas pay a week early) and the fuel bill for the car is now becoming ridiculous. I drove over 2200 miles alone last month although the work mileage was over 900 miles. For a change I bought in various coffee beans, so my drug of choice is freshly brewed coffee over the coming weekend to replace the alcohol and chocolates. There is a righteous finger wagging health prod-noses campaign to have a dry January. However, my dry January has nothing to do with that and more to kick start the dieting as well as to save money. Now they are starting on children's breakfast cereals as well. On top of that Westminster council want to reduce benefits for obese people unless they diet and attend the gym. Squashed by hungry fat muggers on the streets of London will be the next Mail public scare story.
 "There were two of 'em, one either side and they squashed me until I handed over my hamburger. It was frightenin'... I can't leave the 'ouse since it 'appened"
 Personal responsibility and choice come to mind as well as considering the underlying reasons as to why children and adults generally are getting fatter. Things that come to mind are the breakdown of societal / family and personal values and supports, a UK obsession with material wealth and government fuckwittery and interference. I guess I am socially liberal (gay marriage... why not? State register offices can perform the ceremony) but economically conservative. Hence, if you want a large family then that is fine so long as you pay for it. Female bishops... none of my business as I am not a church goer but I don't see why not. I considered this last night after a few hours spent in the company of a Christian whom I suspect has very conservative views. I have always considered the church as a social construct and not necessarily a true reflection of the New Testament Jesus. So why not gay or female bishops? But the media will happily attack the C of E whilst pointedly ignoring Islam and other religions. Perhaps the C of E needs to issue their own fatwas and act upon them, dragging themselves down to the level of the other literalist religious inadequates and tossers. I appear to have gone off on a tangent but I truly believe if you want to practice your religion please go ahead and do so. Keep it completely separate from the state and the laws of the secular state apply to all. If that means C of E is no longer the state religion so be it.

But finger wagging state funded prod-noses should be sacked. Research into diet, salt, alcohol, etc... and provide solid gold standard evidence by all means. Disseminate this to the public and allow us to make our own minds up based upon this evidence. Extracting taxes from people who smoke, drink, etc... and using that money to lecture, threaten and lie to those who pay your wages... Not required and the prod-noses should be sacked. They can try to earn an honest crust laden with saturated fats or not because it is an individual's choice. We are not children but continue to treat the public as children who need to be placed upon the naughty step will inevitably lead to one hell of a tantrum.

n.b. This may interest you regarding recent BMI and health news.


Anonymous delcatto said...

Hmmm... I had a couple of milds last night having realised that two - three beers once a week on a Saturday night will keep me sane. So not quite a dry January!

1:31 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

'hard of thinking' - love it! That phrase has entered my vocabulary :)

There are many people who just don't understand nutrition. Sadly, those are the ones who will never be reached by any intellectually-based campaign.

Interesting point you make about the media not attacking other religions in the same way as they do the CofE - I'd not thought of that.

You've heard of Andrew Neather? If not, go on, Google it... should keep you fuming for a few hours ;)

11:26 am  

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