Saturday, December 29, 2012

A bit of spring colour needed on this grey and very wet day, sadly the latest of a long line of grey days.

Christmas 2012 now over and put soundly to bed. Not one of the better Christmases but the meal was excellent. But good news received since then with No.1 son returning to work. He had been off for the past four weeks after reporting his line manager for bullying and whilst an investigation took place he stayed away. The bully remains in place and my opinion of son's works HR is unprintable and not for delicate sensibilities. However, he returns to work on a different department and he will be earning an honest crust once more.

I walked the pooch (twice!) and checked out the state of the local river. It is very high although I don't believe it will flood. Fingers crossed just in case I am wrong. Mrs C. suggested I have a look see and the amount of rubbish including some very sizeable pieces of wood surprised me. I considered bringing the camera out for some arty shots of the rain hitting the water but even the dog was fed up with the deluge so I hied for home, warmth and shelter. The camera is gathering dust whilst work takes up so much of my time and days off sees me avoiding driving anywhere unless absolutely necessary. I plan to use it next year and tackle all those interesting places I fly past in the car. There are several Lincolnshire blogs, some focused upon photography, others upon local history and some combining both. So I may hopefully be travelling a well worn path in the footsteps of others. For now a further welcome weekend off with a few beers before returning to work on Monday.


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