Saturday, January 12, 2013

A week has flown by since I last blogged, primarily because of work, work and yet more work. I bumped into an old work colleague yesterday on one of the wards and she informed me I looked exhausted. That brought me up short because I had last seen her six weeks ago and in that short space of time the job has had such an effect upon me. That's despite very early nights, little alcohol, a healthy diet and ensuring a multivitamin and extra zinc tablet keep me in good health. I have to be honest and say that this is the hardest job I have ever done in terms of stress and general opprobrium from all quarters. Hence my weekends off are now a welcome godsend. Despite enjoying a few beers last night I was up before 7 am and attending to the needs of the various hungry beasties. I was determined to enjoy a good (slimming world) "fry up" and then a long walk with the pooch despite the heavy rain. What really cheered me up was an attractive young woman smiling at me and saying hello. I must have been smiling because of the pooches determination to carry her latest precious, a rather large log. Hence the returned smile and greeting which warmed the cockles of the heart of this staid old codger. I must endeavour to smile more often although the news and general societal collapse makes this harder than ever. A number of things make me smile and occasionally laugh out loud. One band always brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step...

Infectious doesn't even begin to describe their music for me and hopefully I can get around to experiencing them live sooner rather than later. Please enjoy and TTFN.


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