Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Time to end the culture of entitlement and teach responsibility to these rioting scum. This is not political protest, it is criminal opportunism with the full knowledge that punishments will be light or non - existent. Mandatory full term sentences with only basic human rights adhered to: food, water, warmth and exercise with the prison situated in the Falkland Islands. Nothing else will answer this shit. The apologists are already explaining 'context' and blaming the government, neoliberalism, white society, etc... They are thieving little shits and will only offer respect when they realise force will be met with greater force. As for suggesting that this is an underclass version of thieving politicians, bankers and others of the metropolitan elite... that excuse won't wash. Both are wrong and both should be punished. Sadly, this will only get worse.



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