Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mrs C. and I took a lengthy stroll this morning, primarily to buy the cheap German brandy from Lidl (I can recommend it and at less than a tenner) but also to enjoy the walk alongside the river bank. Admiring the various wildfowl and fish I was astonished to see a large rat swimming to the island with a chunk of bread in its maw. I watched, fascinated by its swimming prowess and to see if it would make it to the island. Mrs C. pointed out another large rat nearby as we watched a further drama unfold across the river. A young boy had caught a cygnet in his fishing line and the boy's father was attempting to rectify the situation. The cygnet's parents were having none of this and noisily protected the cygnet from the perceived intruders. I am afraid it will all end in tears.

Looking for suitable photos I came across this link for the 'River Freshney'.

Not the quiet morning stroll of birdsong and fresh air I expected as I clicked on it but I did give 'em a listen.


Anonymous Jewelry Supplies said...

It was very frustrating. But I got lucky. As a journalism major in college I was required to take a year of photography classes and that was when I found my found muse.
Thanks for sharing.

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