Saturday, May 07, 2011

Well... there is one beer I will never buy again and it isn't often I will pour a beer down the sink unless it has gone off. It was a Tesco "American Double IPA", a 9.2 % abv 33 cl bottle brewed by Brewdog. I gave it my best shot but after several sips and twenty minutes it went down the sink. I continue to enjoy malty beers and over the past several years I have acquired a taste for hoppier beers. However this particular beer was a step too far. Far too hoppy and it tasted like a medicinal Special Brew which was very unpleasant. The other two beers at a lower strength went down very well as I switched my brain off, the telly on and enjoyed NCIS for a couple of hours before catching up on the AV results and the debate involving various pundits.

With time to spare and the weather of the moisty type I have been trawling various blogs and thanks to Old Holborn I read the following. I can thoroughly recommend it...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Well, if you *will* shop at T£$co ;)

Personally I'd have taken it back and/or rung the careline for a refund (do T£$co have one? ;)) - if they don't get stuff returned, they won't know Joe Public thinks it's dreadful.

3:37 pm  

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