Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long time no posting but real life intervened and blogging has been low on my list of priorities. High on my list of priorities is sorting out work. I have asked to return to the crisis work full time and give up the best interests work. Currently I work part time in each role, band 6 in the crisis team and band 7 in the BIA role. I haven't been happy doing the best interests work for a long time for lots of reasons. However, I can also see the work going out to private tenders for each assessment sometime in the next year as local authorities reduce their spending. I had opened discussions about returning full time to my original job a few months ago and I now await a decision from one individual with whom I have not had the best of relationships over the past ten years. So this could be interesting... My main reason for wanting to return is to go back to being a nurse and performing frontline clinical work. It will mean a drop in wages and grade but I will be a happier person.
On the home front things are generally tickety boo with the only fly in the soup being an insurance company reinterpreting a claim we made. After a heated discussion I will be cancelling the contract next week when I have a day off that matches their office hours. My plastic greenhouse is doing its job and all of my plants are thriving including the cowcumbers. I wish now I had planted some strawberries because the English strawberries I have eaten over the past week are the best I have ever tasted. But chillies, tomatoes and salad vegetables will suffice. Here's hoping for a hot summer.


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