Friday, May 06, 2011

Hooray! It's the weekend and time for play. Plans include some beers, walking and dodging the thunderstorms predicted for the weekend. But I care not a jot because I have the weekend off and I can forget about work until Monday morning.
Yesterday I cast my vote in the local council election plus an extra vote in an unnecessary referendum to change the current voting system. I voted no because although by no means perfect, first past the post works. Whoever one votes for the bastards always get elected and ignore the electorate until the next bunfight. As predicted the orange order got a kicking, the blue lot picked up some extras and the red crowd picked up a lot. Scotland may have moved slightly nearer to floating off towards Iceland independence and gave the Red 'uns a kicking. All in all, for the general hoi polloi not much happened except for more jokes about Binned Laden. The results for AV are looking good for the No camp although the govt. still won't allow us a referendum regarding the EU. Much as I like Europe and Europeans I would prefer the UK to have trade and cooperation links only and not be governed by Europe.
I must away as my homemade chicken jal frezi won't cook itself and then as promised a most welcome cool beer awaits.


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