Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sainsbugs have 20% off sale of spirits on at the moment so I splashed out and bought a bottle of Dun Leire single malt Irish whiskey, distilled by Cooley's. I also bought a bottle of Grant's Ale Cask blended whisky which I have been meaning to try for some time now. I am not a snob about beer although my preference is for real ales or craft beers. The same goes for spirits, if it tastes good and I like it I will buy it. The Dun Leire is good, quite light on the palate with a rich following aftertaste. A nice after dinner whiskey but since the weather has suddenly become autumnal a nice dram in front of the  (unlit) fire with a good book. The Grants I bought today and I have a glass in front of me and I have been pleasantly surprised as it is very good. A lovely creme brulee yet fruity taste which was richer than I expected. This will go on my list to buy again especially since it is comparatively cheaper to buy and with 20% off it is a bargain. So another couple of glasses this evening as I curl up with a good book.

No.1 son lost his job a few weeks back and apart from a couple of days casual labour he hasn't found any work. He was rejected again for another electrical apprenticeship and we have discussed his returning to college. He would like to do a stage sound and lighting course based on his experiences at school and some work with a friend who does this for a living. I have suggested he may have to take whatever work is on offer and look at gaining experience / studying part time towards his goals. Needless to say the seed fell upon stony ground but he may eventually realise that my fifty plus years of life experience, etc... does qualify me to give advice. We will see... As for my time off... I have spent it dog walking, reading books and relaxing. The final weekend at work was very stressful and I realised I had been giving 120% with no thanks or recognition from those higher in the food chain. I am going to attempt to wind back on my imbued Protestant work ethic and get in touch with a more Catholic south Mediterrannean work ethic... manana will be the watchword (how do you add accents on here?). Hence I have done very little this first week off although my plans for sanding down and repainting the woodwork at the front of the house has been kiboshed by the nest full of housemartins. They have two babies in the nest and it's a full time job keeping various neighbourhood cats away from it. That'll have to wait until the Indian summer in September.
 Anyhow, back to the whisky and my book plus Planet Rock providing the sounds for this evening.


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