Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I tried to download a video from my mobile and it worked but... something wasn't quite right about the finished product. I will have to experiment further before I can successfully download a video that doesn't result in a dogs dinner. It's fun trying it out and I haven't yet tired of the navigation via google maps. I have decided I haven't been walking enough of late what with hours spent back at work and the interminable rain. So a combination of the phone map and a search for an onboard pedometer will be my next plaything. Instead of the guesstimates which I suspect are over optimistic when I take the pooch out for long walks I would like to check out the true figures.
I popped into my old work team yesterday between assessments and I was saddened to learn of further mis-management shenanigans. Covering 600 square miles with a reduced team isn't enough, they are considering reducing numbers further and moving team members to cover gaps in other services thirty miles away. I wickedly suggested a quiet word in the shell-like of the local GP's, the people now responsible for commissioning services who would take a very dim view of a reduction in local services. I think I may also pop in and chat with a few of the GP's as well because I am on my way out. I have already become "invisible" to a couple of managers now that it is common knowledge I am going. Interesting is one way to describe it...
The picture above is of Molly whom we have now worked out is approximately 16 years old. She may in fact be older but she is looking very old, tired and distinctly wobbly on her back legs these past few weeks. She lost large patches of fur last month but regular meals and supplements plus pampering has restored her somewhat tatty looking coat. We'll ensure her last days when the time does come are comfortable for her. It is sadly inevitable but we rescued her via Cats Protection and she has a good home here as do the other critters.
The next six weeks will see four long weekends as I have been told to use any outstanding leave due to me. Apart from accommodating colleagues in the team who have time off for their children during half term I have opted for Fridays off. That is the one day we are amply covered for AMHP's and I can happily avoid some of the Friday afternoon silliness when people make inappropriate referrals because they can "dump their problem" on us and head off for an early finish and wine. One of us is then left to deal with the situation which can take anything up to several hours to sort out. However, we are now fighting back with a naming and shaming of the regular offenders and bouncing responsibility back onto them. We'll see how that works out.
Time to let the felines back in so I'll say TTFN.


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