Friday, November 11, 2016

The election of Trump has certainly come as a surprise to the media, pollsters, professional political classes and I have to admit it has certainly come as a surprise to me. I thought Hilary would win by a small margin although I have to admit it was a choice between bad and badder. I have no idea as to what the next four years will bring although I hope he and the USA have a good presidency and people aren't hurt by the actions of both sides of the political divide. Hilary struck me as a lying, greedy power hungry tosser and Trump struck me as a lying greedy egotistical twat. Whither politics now...  Meanwhile in the UK we have more than our share of lying, power hungry, greedy tossers and twats occupying parliament, the media and various parts of the state apparatus. The 1789 and 1917 blueprints look likely to be dusted off and perused for instructions for revolution 101 the way things are going. It doesn't matter whether it's right, left or state protectionism, we are the poor buggers caught in the middle of it all when the trouble starts.  Perhaps they'll put a few more reality shows on the telly to keep the hoi polloi further sedated and prevent anything kicking off. Moi, cynical?

On the home front my move to four days a week working has seen my workload shoot through the roof and I am daily watching colleagues have meltdowns. It isn't good and sadly it will get worse which is extremely worrying. My escape from it all is reading, the cats (poor old dog sleeps a lot these days), music and the modelling plus friends and family. The organisation I work for is well into an overspend on its budget as is much of the NHS. So no more staff for struggling front-line teams, in fact fewer staff as those that leave aren't replaced although money continues to be wasted on management favourites. It always amazes me that the answer is more paperwork and more admin staff although our caseloads get bigger as the clinical staff get fewer. I am seeing colleagues paid for a 37.5 hour week putting in 45 - 50 hours per week with no overtime or time owing allowed. Meanwhile, the list of qualified staff who leave healthcare for less stressful work gets longer with another two in the pipeline in the next two months. My four days a week is the replacement for those two staff (currently off work)  plus the agency staff who has not had her contract renewed...

The next twelve months is likely to see an increase in the interesting times theme, both locally, nationally and internationally. Mrs C has suggested I buy in more tinned goods, rice and water filters. I don't think we've quite reached that stage yet but I have to admit, I have no idea what happens next in the wider scheme of things. Closer to home, a few beers tonight and a good book is what I have planned next. Who was it that said "The end of History?" I don't know about Fukuyama but he was fukungwrong. Being an eternal optimist as well as a realist I will continue to plod on and enjoy life, being content with the things we have and believe that it will all turn out alright in the end.


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