Saturday, October 15, 2016

Her majesty as we have taken to calling little Maisie because she settles onto her chosen spot like a queen is settled in after nine days. She has been wormed after she threw up and in a scene reminiscent of 'Alien' the vomit was alive and wriggling with roundworms. She has also now had anti-flea stuff applied. Poor little thing is now nine months old, skinny and having had six kittens eight weeks ago she needs fattening up. We will also be booking her in for neutering in the next week or so. 

She gets on reasonably well with Watson who is pictured with her but Sherlock is keeping his distance for the time being. A happy little addition to the family and she will be joined by one of her kittens Mindy in a couple of weeks time. We shall then have a full complement of four moggies plus the elderly pooch. Enough to be going on with and there is enough space for them. The cat rescuers whom we have contact with have been inundated with kittens with approximately forty needing re-homing.  Hence the need to ensure Maisie is 'done' and she can then start going outside with the boys each day. We try not to let any of the cats out at night and particularly so as we are now approaching fireworks season. 
I am slowly renewing my skills with the military modelling by practising on the panzer 2 I received for Xmas last year. It looks a bit of a mess to be frank but good to practice on. One thing I hadn't considered was my age and my poor eyesight for close working. I will be booking myself in for an optician's appointment at some point as it is not very good. I have bought a daylight lamp to aid me as well as some magnifying glasses. Working on tiny bits of plastic, painting and ensuring a good fit has to be done for short periods of time as my eyes become strained. Everything has been moved downstairs to what we now call the pink room but the cats are also fascinated by the various tools, parts and objects they can knock over, chew on or batter with an inquisitive paw.

This was taken part way through redecorating although I still have one small area to re plaster and then paint over but it is generally finished now. Once it is complete I shall have to consider which room to do next. I suspect I shall be busy over the next several months as every room needs redecorating! I worked four days this past week because of the volume of work plus completing an on-line course with 'Futurelearn' hence no decorating this week as much needed R & R is required. 
Time for a cuppa and a good book.



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