Friday, October 28, 2016

 It has been one of those weeks where the beasties are concerned but overall an 'interesting' one.  I am currently awaiting a plumber after a tap seized up and then water poured out on to the floor. No.1 son mopped it up as I turned the water off at the stopcock.  I suspect it will be a simple matter of tightening the nut below the pipe but the tap itself is a bloody nuisance. This will be the second time for the same tap and I might ask the plumber to replace the top of the tap. It looks decorative but is awkward to fix and I prefer functional as opposed to decorative and unfit for purpose. 
Maisie has been neutered at the vet but we learned that she is infested with fleas and again needs re-worming, jobs for this weekend after allowing her time to recover from her operation. She is pictured below with Mindy whom we have adopted. Mindy was de-flead but the medication knocked her out for two days and we were worried about that. The house has been sprayed with some foul smelling flea eradication stuff from the vet and the two boys have had their monthly application of flea liquid applied to them. 

To top it off the pooch has had a couple of accidents and flooded the back room with foul smelling urine which also got into the clean laundry bag. This morning she also left a large deposit in the hallway, lounge and back room. Windows opened, cleaned up, sprays and a variety of cleaning fluids used and the house finally smells fresher. We think the messages via her nervous system between her brain and bladder / bowels is not working which is a sure sign that we may be approaching an end game with her. Poor old monster, the foul smelling urine is not a good sign either and she drinks gallons of water each day. It could point to poor kidney functioning and I can no longer keep throwing money at the vet to put off the inevitable end. She got to the kitchen bin again yesterday and twice this week bullied the cats off their food when our backs were turned. She was in the dog house literally following those incidents because the boys are used to her behaviour but the young girls were terrified by her. All in all. an eventful week where the beasties are concerned and once again it is the plumbing that trumps everything. Here is a size comparison for Watson, Maisie and Mindy... I thought Watson was small but no longer!



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