Sunday, October 16, 2016

As mentioned in  an earlier post everything has now been set up for my military modelling hobby. No, I shan't be dressing up as a Japanese Admiral as someone at work remarked when I mentioned it. I save the admiral's uniform for high days and holy days! I had considered placing the table in the window recess when Mrs C pointed out it is the only single glazed window in the house and it will be cold. I used to build models as a kid and stopped when I looked around one day and realised there is a life out there for 16 year olds, particularly girls and music. But as a hobby for a sedentary late middle-aged chap it is perfect. I have acquired a stash of projects for building...

These will be made over the next several months as I practice my skills and enjoy the process of putting them together. It's one creative outlet for me and I enjoy the research side of it.

The first model is coming on but boy have I got a lot to learn, particularly painting skills as I have discovered how ham fisted I am. Great fun and it keeps me off the streets. Music and tea are the accompaniments and the mutt is happy as she is sprawled beside me. Mind you, I soon attract the cats as I settle in for an hour or so and they add to the fun of removing paws, claws and jaws from various objects.

I had a two week break from alcohol as a half of sober October which I then broke yesterday with some good malt whisky and a couple of beers. The two week break saw me adopting some more early nights and an increased coffee and chocolate intake! My excuse is the dark nights coming in, the rain and the cold needing something to keep it all at bay. Hopefully you are all having a relaxed lazy Sunday and keeping yourselves well.


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