Friday, October 07, 2016

This sums up the current work situation as teams are closed down, several internal inquiries into 'incidents', staff leaving and Chinese whispers of bankruptcy doing the rounds. I plod on with my three days a week and keep a weather eye on the prevailing winds. In over thirty years I have never known anything like this...
We pick up Maisie from the foster carer tonight and we are excited. The poor boys are blissfully unaware and the fun and games begin tonight. There is enough space for all three cats so hopefully the boys will come to accept her. Sadly, the pooch is starting to struggle with her back legs and she collapsed last night. I think I will have to make a decision soon because it took several minutes to get her back on her legs and moving again. I am dreading it but it is not fair when her quality of life deteriorates such that she is no longer enjoying life. I will take it week by week for now and ensure she is happy in her final days. Funnily enough the cats now fuss around her and I think they are aware she is struggling. C'est la vie...



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