Sunday, August 07, 2016

Despite my cold I ventured out yesterday as sustenance was needed and the moggies needed some grub. I spent some time leaning over the barrier and watching the fish when the pike put in an appearance. The Riverhead predator lurking like a U-boat awaiting its prey. Beautiful sleek creature but deadly and I am thankful they don't grow too big. I also enjoyed watching a family of moorhens amongst the reeds, the babies following in a line and then scattering as something catches their eye. A beautiful day and not much of a walk but I was drenched in sweat on my return and in need of a nap!

With glorious sunshine I sat out in the garden and soaked up the sun. Just the tonic required to chase away colds and the blues. Today I might even venture out with the lawn mower and tackle the grass but leave the weeding to another day. Hopefully wherever you are, the weather is perfect and you are enjoying life with good company and a beverage of your choice.


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