Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sacré Bleu!  Zut Alors!  Plus other assorted French clichés...

It's the WHO (Which doctor?) pontificating about e cigarettes and claiming they kill children, ladies of a certain age and passing bicycling parsons on their way to Evensong. I'm a bit late to this palaver but I usually catch up with t'internet news at weekends. I don't smoke although I used to and my fag of choice was that shown above. As a teenager I thought they were cool, I loved the smell and strangely enough few people accepted an offer of a second one when it came to 'flash the ash' around the inevitable pub table. I enjoyed smoking them and when I finally quit smoking back in 1985 these were the cigarettes I missed. Drum rolling tobacco came a close second but the scent of a proper Gauloises still smells sweet to me. My OH smokes and she does smoke indoors albeit in the 'Smoking Room'. She smokes roll ups, 'Amber Leaf'', which is her preferred smoke and because I like the scent of rolling tobacco it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Once a year on National No Smoking day I will roll a fag and smoke it because I can and it makes me happy giving the finger to health fascists. "Why are you not instantly addicted?" I can hear you cry. I'm not... my addictions tend to focus around food as my rotund shape evidently shows. I just do it once a year and I am not interested in smoking anything at any other time.  I am a great believer in people having a choice and making their own decisions as to what they want to do with their bodies. If they are informed and aware of potential consequences let 'em do it. This applies to smoking as well as to sky diving, snorkelling, attending the religious institution of choice or sailing out to sea on a pea green boat.
The reason for this post? I bought a lottery ticket today at the local supermercado and the elderly woman in front of me bought some Silk Cut Super Slims. After the inevitable sliding back and forth of the doors and the search for the treasure therein hidden from the eyes of children and the feeble minded the shop assistant found them. What nonsense... Put them on show. What next... Sweets hidden from view, increased taxes on cakes which are hidden from view? What a grey, monotone joyless existence these people wish to impose upon an increasingly infantilised population.
 As I walk around town and view the inevitable slow decline of of both the physical and social structures, past diesels pumping out smoke, littered streets and feral youths intimidating others. Where the police are rarer than gold paved stones and people now have to solve their own crimes, passing boarded up empty buildings whilst there are increasing amounts of homeless people... The politicians, bureaucrats and paid state acolytes are focusing upon tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods and salt. This is truly a society gone mad. The Roman empire circa 400 AD must have had a similar feel to it.

Pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine or lemonade, smoke or don't smoke... It's up to you. We'll toast the decline as the government increasingly criminalise us ordinary people but allow criminals to do what they like.
We live in interesting times... TTFN.


Blogger Scoakat said...

You must not have smoked long, which is good. I started in 82 or 83 and smoked since except for about two years, 2010-11... and have been smoke-free for over a fortnight now. Hardest thing I've ever tried, harder to quit nicotine than cocaine.

10:26 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi Scoakat,
I smoked for about nine years but I just woke up one day & decided to quit. I didn't have much money at the time & I could no longer see the point of smoking. A win-win situation for me health wise & money wise.
It's worth giving up if that's what you want to do but I really dislike the health jobsworths who wag fingers & preach.

5:01 pm  

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