Saturday, September 06, 2014

Summer is certainly over with the leaves turning, darker evenings and the cold creeping in along with the fogs. The latter we see a lot of being situated by the mouth of the river Humber. The central heating is on today with cats clinging to them and soaking up the heat. The kids have also returned to school this week and someone in the office has asked for suggestions for a suitable venue for the Christmas meal. Notwithstanding all of that I picked a bumper crop of chillies this week and there are still plenty of tomatoes each week. But it has to be said, summer is over although I am still hoping for a late Indian summer. The local BBC radio station had a weather lore chap on who has predicted a harsh and very cold winter. He cited berries, plant growth, birds, etc... all indicating cold weather ahead. Perhaps he is right but we'll see if his predictions prove correct. I have managed to avoid being bitten by any insects all summer and yesterday I discovered several bites to my arm, legs and face. It could be mozzies but the garden is full of spiders and I was rummaging around various plants on Wednesday evening. Anti-histamines taken and hydro cortisone cream applied although my left arm has a very nasty red rash along it.
It's been nearly three months since I started my new job and the time has flown by. Lots of changes locally compared with my working here thirteen years ago. But the work is generally enjoyable and I am saving so as to pay off my mortgage and hopefully retire on a part time basis. It's not helped when bits of the house insist on falling off. Part of the fascia and a soffit fell off t'other week and crashed just in front of the front door. Luckily no one was near it but it certainly landed with a bang. I've made enquiries and am awaiting a builder to have a look and offer us a quote for the replacement. I'll have to ask for a new guttering as well because the small hole in the guttering is the reason the wood rotted and caused it to fall off. It had to be guttering and water trouble yet again! Interestingly, my neighbour had a builder in over the summer and we had asked him to look at it. He glanced up and said it looked alright....  Yeeeesssssss, don't call us, we'll not be calling you. I guess that's the problem with old houses but I prefer old houses to the new little boxes being built these days.


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