Friday, August 22, 2014

It has been one of those months thus far with work on top of work on top of... You get the picture. No time for blogging and my preference  has been some reading with a cup of hot chocolate and early nights. A rock and roll lifestyle it ain't! We have received dire and dread warnings about mentioning the employer in social media in a negative light so may I say all is sweetness and light and everybody's 'appy!

The kitten is thriving, very lively and 'she' is apparently a male. The two small hairy spheroids to the back end are the proof of that although a trip to the vet for jabs, etc... will definitively confirm the gender. Tuppence will now be renamed Sherlock! He is also growing in size and the large paws indicate he will be a fine lump of a fellow. The two poor old ladies are tormented by him as is the long suffering pooch. He climbs everywhere and nowhere is safe from his inquisitive nose and whiskers. All in all life is jogging along although blogging will remain light for the time being.


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