Saturday, July 12, 2014

It has been one of those weeks when the weekend could not come soon enough...
Louis became very ill on Monday and we rushed him to the vet where he was kept in for the next two days. Sadly he had to be euthanised because the treatment did not work and he was in too much pain and distress. We knew he wouldn't be with us for long when he was handed over to us by LE last year although we thought he might last another couple of years. He had a reoccurring condition where crystals built up in his urethra and he couldn't urinate. Despite medication, special diets and plenty of water it still wasn't enough. He had a good five years as a very pampered puss with LE and us and I was able to hold him as he died and say my goodbyes. He had a pre-existing condition and the insurance companies were unwilling to cover him unless we paid a huge premium on top of high monthly payments so he wasn't covered. The vets bill was eye watering!! We were also in the process of getting him a playmate because the two old ladies couldn't cope with his energy and playfulness. The playmate has arrived and that is Tuppence...

She arrived yesterday and despite some exploring as well as wolfing down some food and leaving an extremely large deposit in her litter tray, she has hidden herself under a settee. She's only four months old and our house is noisier than her previous home where she was one of twenty one cats! The pooch and Molly appear to have accepted her but Tigger has been caught stalking her several times hence her staying holed up where she can't be pounced upon. 
Work has been busy which I'd predicted last week and I think I will have to return to early nights as I am worn out by the end of each working day. I'm happy with the work and it is once again keeping me on my toes. I am also teamed up with a lovely group of people and that certainly makes work all the more enjoyable. Otherwise it is a weekend of paying bills (check), tackling the jungle formerly known as a garden (check) and getting to know the new arrival. The latter will need to be coaxed out of her hidey hole.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Louis. I know he had a good home with you. And I know it can be hard.
The new kitten will surely assimilate soon!
I'm sorry you're so busy at work but I am very glad you seem happy. All our best to you and yours!

5:29 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scoakat.
She's causing mayhem downstairs as I type this. We've just walked the pooch & bought some cat toys to keep her occupied.

11:50 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I somehow missed this news before... so sorry about Louis - hope new kitten is now fully integrated. Must be about the same age as our two remaining ones form this year. Hope she is less naughty!

9:38 pm  

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