Sunday, June 01, 2014

The above beauty now belongs to me. Yes, I bought myself a 'new' bike, second-hand from a delightful couple in Cleethorpes who have bought themselves new electric bicycles. I saw this advertised on Pre-loved for £99-00 and I was on the blower faster than Jack Robinson. I popped along  and the chap was clutching the money within five minutes. I know a bargain when I see one and this is just what I wanted. German built, 24 gears, built in lock, sit up and beg with a comfy saddle and a side stand plus dynamo lights. A proper European bicycle much loved by the Dutch and Germans. 

Similar models I have been looking at on ebay have been advertised at £300 plus for second hand bikes and I had even considered a trip over to Holland for a weekend break and return with a second hand bike. Today was a beautiful day for cycling as well so once home, tyres pumped up and everything checked out, I was in the saddle and away I went, wobbling my way around the local roads as I acclimatised myself to cycling once more. Home again, saddle raised and little success in identifying irritating noise from rear end (!) and I was once again off on two wheels. Wonderful! 

Despite cycling no more than four miles I had a huge grin upon my face... I am once again a cyclist. I plan to book it in for a service as the gears are slightly off key and 24 gears is too complex for me to start messing around with. But my mind is now full of plans for local cycle rides and days out with the camera. Old churches, pubs, villages, pubs, beach and more pubs. There's a theme here... I had talked with Mrs C. yesterday about my desire to pop down to Skidbrooke and see the old church there which is allegedly haunted. However, I'll stick to shorter rides to start with and build up my stamina as well as fitness levels.

On the work front, I have been out on one or two assessments for the BIA work and I have two lined up for tomorrow. That will be my limit for this coming week as I want to take things easy and avoid excessive driving. Aside from that I am awaiting a start date because of the tardiness / laziness / incompetence of my ex-boss whom I shall be having words with tomorrow on his return from leave. It is his reference that is required for the new job and I shall be going to his boss about his poor response. We'll see how things pan out although with my mother currently experiencing poor health I might be grateful to have the extra time if I have to shoot down to Essex. Now a shower and a cup of tea is required...


Blogger Scoakat said...

I've been thinking of getting a bike since we moved into the house, 5 years ago. Now my body is mended enough I really want to get one. There are countless things within reasonable biking distance, that it's almost a crime not to have one. Now I have to convince my wife that I would actually get it out of the garage enough to justify the expenditure.
Keep up with it, Del, I can hold you up as an example!

10:31 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Go for it if you are up to it. I'm taking it easy, no more than 5 miles of cycling at a sensible (Slow!) pace. It's wonderful.

7:15 pm  

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