Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I was feeling a bit weepy this morning and I have no idea why. So much for 'Stiff upper lip' and all that but, I imagine it is my return to work next week and the end of my first short attempt at retirement. I am looking forward to returning to work and I have a rough plan as to what I intend to do over the next few years. This depends upon good health and my ability to manage finances, savings, etc... My plan is to finish full time work for good at the age of sixty. Between now and then I will be signing up for the Open University to study a mix of literature, philosophy and history but, I also intend to start writing again. Short stories and particularly poetry, the latter I have neglected for over twenty years as that which we call life relentlessly battered me over the head. The alternative view is that it is I who relentlessly battered my head against variously ill chosen brick walls! The feelings of loss this morning, for that is what it felt like, caught me by surprise and has caused me to stop and consider why? A combination of the return to work, the recent death of Rik Mayall, my mother's recent illness, meeting new people... these have all contributed to it bubbling away at the back of my mind and eventually surfacing today. I'm also very much aware that the good work in losing weight and getting fit has been undone over the past year by laziness, eating and drinking too much and little exercise. I am once again on the healthy approach to life but I shan't be returning to the fat fighters club. I have the knowledge and experience so I will apply them, albeit shakily at times!

Anyhow, for the literary among you: What is the connection between the two pictures I have  posted above?
A virtual fat free, dairy free tall, skinny caffiene free latte (Why? You may as well drink water!) to whoever gets it right and a virtual hug.


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