Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just a few of the photographs from the bike day I popped into in Grimsby last Sunday. For some reason my mobile would not connect with the laptop... well, after dropping it down the toilet several months ago it has developed some peculiarities.

The above looks astonishing but it can't be too comfortable.

This trio of bikes arrived as I wandered around although there were at least 150 bikes there as I left with more arriving all the time.

There were several trikes including this BMW plus attached bench.

This explicit bike was also on show... Although the following scooter also attracted much interest in this centenary of the Great War.

All in all an enjoyable afternoon with some amused looks as I locked my bicycle to a fence beside some Harleys.

In other news we believe Molly is (again) on her last legs after a faecal explosion yesterday over her favourite rug which has been binned as being beyond regular cleaning.

However, thirty minutes later she had eaten some liver pate, battered the Thugpuss and appeared to have perked up and wandering around the garden. That picture was taken an hour ago as various critters are dotted around the garden and soaking up the sun. That also describes my day, sprawled in the chair and soaking up the rays. Although there was work going on in the new builds there was no diesel fumes or block cutting taking place. Just the BBQ smoke drifting over from another garden and the gentle buzzing of insects. I shall now head out for more of the same!


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