Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Zombie apocalypse apparently hit Grimsby today. Being sensible zombies they opted for beer instead of brains although...  I thought it was a unique wedding until I realised they were walking into town pursued by a gaggle of photographers and transport to a zombie wedding would involve a beribboned hearse or ambulance.

Since the demise of Mog it has been a subdued and quiet household particularly with No.1 son away in Newcastle where he is staying with his girlfriend. The change in weather to wet and windy with added rain and wind has seen us batten down the hatches. LE's cat Louis has settled in and he has ventured into the garden despite his fear of loud noises. The building site and wind blown objects understandably frightened him but he still continues to go out. He is no replacement for Mog but he's a welcome addition to the household. With the dark evenings and changed weather I am considering a winter home brew and tackling the garden preparatory for the winter. Tomato plants all gone except for two and the chilli plants will stay for now. I don't think I will be returning to employment until next year as I have had no responses to my various non - nursing applications. I'll enjoy the time off and commence my search in earnest after the new year and it will be a return to nursing. As much as I deny it, nursing is in my blood and I enjoy the work although the politics, managerial bollocks and P.C. idiots piss me off. I guess that's par for the course within the public sector. With the extra time off and no pressure to return I will fit in a few trips further afield including my promise to return to Whitby with a decent camera.


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