Friday, March 23, 2012

"You're at home... walk... walk... walk... pleeaaase!"

Rather too much cider consumed last night and I woke early feeling rougher than a sandpaper salesman. It took several mugs of strong tea and a bacon sandwich before I fired up the synapses and set to work. Five hours later after lots of reading and I had achieved a heady 1300 words towards my 4000 word target. There are books, journal articles and paper everywhere plus a cat sleeping on one pile of paper. This is the hardest course I have ever tackled and although I am enjoying it I will be very glad to finish it. I did take time out to potter round the garden, throw the ball for the dog and to enjoy some sunshine! The latter was very welcome.

As an aside I noticed in sainsbury's a magazine  'How to get the best from your kindle' on sale for a tenner. I flicked through it with one thought uppermost in my mind... "You'd be crazy to waste a tenner". Just play with your kindle, look it up online, talk to other kindle users. I bet that magazine sells... a fool and his money... astonishing. I may be able to get back to my kindle once the course is done and return to reading rubbish novels requiring little thought. I can't wait. Mrs C. asked me recently whether I missed browsing around bookshops and I have to admit I do miss it. I can of course continue to browse and any books that catch my eye I can order on the kindle. The books I bought for the course are real as opposed to electronic ones because very few educational books are in e format. I still shake my head in wonder though because listening to spotify on an ipad touch, reading a kindle whilst googling stuff or looking at twitter at the same time really does feel like science fiction.  Time for tea and a dvd that demands little more than that I watch it. More studying tomorrow and Sunday as I attempt to add a few more words to this essay.


Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

Aw, bless - what a cutie.

I love my Kindle more every day - mainly because the print in real books has suddenly become much too small to see.

You've been tagged over at my blog - no pressure to accept (and you'd probably best get that essay finished before you have a look in any case).


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