Saturday, February 05, 2011

A lot has happened over the past week with the revolution in Egypt taking centre stage as yet another domino tumbles in the Middle East. Mrs C has been glued to the TV whilst I have followed events online and on twitter. Good to see the media bringing in the usual 'experts' with opinions springing from every orifice plus the mealy mouthed poiticians spouting crap.  Everyone has an opinion when the reality is that we haven't got a clue where this is going to go or which country will fall next. Having travelled around the Middle East and having fond memories of Cairo I can only watch and pray it goes well for the ordinary people. Otherwise I have no idea how things will turn out but I guess, like many others, I am fearful it will go horribly wrong. 

I now have a week off work having received the news that I will not be released for AMHP training. I am secretly pleased because I feel extremely uncomfortable with such powers. I would truly feel like an agent of the state which is far removed from my reasons for becoming a nurse in the first place. The week off allows me time to consider how to respond to the balls up  where a senior manager states they made the decision six weeks ago but did not inform me of their decision until the day after my interview which I passed with flying colours.  However, I am happy for them to believe (we have clashed in the past) they have dealt me some sort of career blow when I have achieved the result I want and I am happy for things to continue as they are for the next six months. The Trust is culling more senior staff and services are being pared back. The next six months will show a very different landscape to the current one. I may be part of a completely different team or even made redundant. Newly qualified staff are cheap, amenable and malleable as opposed to horny skinned old dinosaurs like me despite our experience and knowledge.  For now, I intend to enjoy this week off with rugby, beer, walks and perhaps another beer, with no thought of work and the nonsense going on. I bought myself the latest edition of Classic Rock with a 'free' copy of another Prog CD and a rose bush for the garden. The rose bush is a 'Queen Elizabeth' and has been duly planted with dire threats to the mutt if she goes anywhere near it.  So tea and suitably loud music to entertain me this afternoon before I watch France v Scotland play rugby. I can shout for either side and enjoy the game, especially after England's win against Wales yesterday (sorry Suzie).



Blogger Seany said...

In my naive little world I was quite inspired early on last week by the Egyptian crowds' apparently huge a acheivement with less violence than our recent student demonstrations. Sadly it is no longer going as well as we could have hoped.

As for media opinions on it, I'm reminded of the old phrase "Opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one and they all think that everyone elses stinks!"

Except for Sky News of course who truly know f*ck all about anything :o)

vw: dehock
(Accordingly I plan to re-Shiraz)

4:39 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Oops! The rose is called 'Queen of England'.
It was beer for me during the rugby but the hops set off my hayfever! I may have to switch to wine instead of beer. I hope the Shiraz hit the right spot.

4:01 pm  

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