Sunday, January 02, 2011

If you look at the above photograph very carefully you might just see a hawk. A combination of a poor camera and attempting to avoid scaring off the hawk has resulted in a very poor photo. The hawk was in the process of plucking and devouring some hapless bird but that's nature. Red in tooth and claw. Mrs C. and I think it may have been a buzzard from its colouring but, we could not get too close and with two of the cats and the dog keen to make its acquaintance we were not going to chance popping out for a better photograph. From its size it may have been a sparrowhawk but the colouring was wrong. I would dearly like a better camera and there is one going at half-price in Sainsbugs. However, I am trying to save money so there is a debate going on in a noisy corner of my mind as to whether I spend the £58 and have hours of fun over the next year or remain sensible... I think I know which path I will be choosing! As for the prey, one of the cats (Molly) eventually tucked into the detritus.

First post of 2011 and the inevitable topic of resolutions comes to mind. I haven't made any because any day is as good as the next to resolve things. I do however resolve to enjoy Burns night with a Haggis, neets and tatties which is three weeks away. I must away as Mrs.C reports No.1 son has a temperature of 102 degrees and he is "proper poorly".

* Click on photo and enlarge. Raptor just to the right of the little white windmill.


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