Thursday, December 23, 2010

The BBC is axing many local 'specialist music' programmes including one of my favourite shows Folkwaves.
This is because the senior managers believe it no longer reflects peoples listening habits and their preference is for 'talk shows'. Translated as cheap phone-in programmes. There is a campaign running to save the programme despite the BBC stating local people in the East Midlands are no longer represented by the programme. This is despite the increasing popularity of folk music and live music in general. Also despite the programmes support of young musicians and live music venues and festivals. With a smoking ban, heavy licencing fees for live music, increased taxes upon beer and costs in running a pub plus the loss of a major means of advertising live music, more small clubs and pubs will be hit. Time to revive the old shebeens where the community may meet, drink, smoke, converse and enjoy themselves. I've added my voice to the protest and not just because it is my favourite programme. It is the attitude that "We know best what is good for you" permeates the BBC and other public services. I know the irony of my working in the NHS but it really pisses me off. The BBC is happy to pay Steve Wright or Chris Evans huge amounts of money for presenting shite yet it will happily axe excellent programmes (Jazz, Folk, Reggae, etc...) whilst burbling platitudes about cultural diversity and listening to customers. Time to swing that axe towards some of the bland boring crap and that includes sports. I wonder how many BBC presenters will be at the Olympics in 2012? Instead we will have only the one hour per week of folk with Mike Harding on Radio 2 playing mainly Celtic music as he forgets his English roots and I say that as an Irishman! Why do the white liberal 'elite' hate their culture so much?


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I too have great difficulty understanding how/why they pay huge salaries to second-rate presenters when the real stuff is cut.

If one could show that the audience demographic of these small under-threat shows was disabled, black, slovakian-speaking asylum-seeking lesbians, then I'm sure one could get it maintained under every equal opps act... Now then, there's a thought...

8:52 am  

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