Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Days off, still cold and inertia has struck after tackling the local shopping mall. So the answer is takeaway pizza and a few beers tonight to take the edge off. No.1 son has ten days off work and Mrs C's new job still hasn't materialised. But, hey ho, it is coming up to Christmas when everything grinds to a halt.
Most of the pizza and kebab joints around here are run by Turks or Kurds. We know they are Muslim so it is a fairly strong bet the meat is halal. I accept this and the animal wouldn't have stated a preference for method of killing.
Humane bolt through skull or throat slit as magical Arabic words muttered by bearded chap or the same magical words via a pre-recorded message.
The animal's preference is to tick the box "None of the above and freedom please". All grist to the mill or rather chicken in my pizza. When I was a nipper in ol' London town the takeaways were run by Italians and Greeks.I wonder who'll run them twenty years from now?
I digress because I am aware the takeaways are likely to be halal and I makes my choice based upon that knowledge. It's generally the same with the local curry houses which are mainly Bengladeshi and again Muslim. Local schools, etc...providing halal meals without informing consumers is a different matter entirely. Again, I regard it as meat and I couldn't give a monkeys testicles about the religious side to it but people should be informed and given the choice. That's what it boils down to. Informed choice and whether one agrees to this choice or not. I am sure there would be an outcry if Muslim parents discovered that the tasty rural French chicken dish their children happily munched on for lunch turned out to be Coq au Vin. Again, informed choice and a desire to avoid offence. So why on earth do faceless bureaucrats continue to make these stupid decisions? They bend over backwards to avoid offending a minority and make a complete pigs ear out of it all and offend many of the majority. I can think of lots of reasons as to why they make these choices (financial; easier to please and avoid offence to the vociferous minority; the passive majority are irreligious plebs; we know best; etc...). I think I will stick with my own interpretation which is that they are righteous twats. It is simpler that way and saves me wasting precious time arguing with a po faced git. My dog doesn't care whether it's secular, halal or kosher meat either just so long as she gets the occasional scrap from our plates. Now there is just the matter of getting some beers in...


Blogger Scoakat said...

Is that the only difference, the method of slaughter? Halal sounds like the meat might be better, actually.
This P.erson E.ats T.asty A.nimals.

PS The word verification for me now is am-moo. Coincidence? ;)

11:19 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"Most of the pizza and kebab joints around here are run by Turks or Kurds. We know they are Muslim so it is a fairly strong bet the meat is halal."

I reckon it's probably the cheapest they can get so that they maximise their profit. Cynical, moi? ;)

2:06 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Scoakat: For halal the animal is usually raised up and it's throat is slit whilst prayers are said over it. Very similar to Kosher. I like the peta reference!

BW: Probably very true.

2:12 pm  

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