Sunday, December 26, 2010

To all my readers a late very

A legitimate excuse because I worked the last few days and was on call, hence unavailable for blogging. However, apart from refusing the various requests for plumbers, taxi rides and a Christmas messaging service we had a good time at work. I can now relax, ignore the frantic advertising for 60% off NOW!! sales and enjoy a mince pie. Christmas eve got off to a poor start with the car battery deader than the proverbial extinct flightless bird. The good Samaritans at the local garage provided a jump start for free so Christmas salutations and thanks go to them. I was late by ten minutes and the frantic referrals started and did not stop for the next ten hours. But the baton has been passed to my colleagues now and I intend to relax for the next couple of days. I can also crack open the bottle of port this evening, watch 'A Christmas Carol' and put my feet up beside the fire surrounded by content animals replete with turkey and gammon. I dropped my step daughter LE off home late yesterday evening and we enjoyed the free show of the foxes gambolling in the snowy park. All was quiet and peaceful. So let me wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas irrespective of your beliefs.There's enough bad news so hopefully it's a quiet time for you all.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Enjoy your delayed festivities!

7:41 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers BW. The port and mince pies were particularly delicious although we plan to have a turkey dinner plus all the trimmings on New Years Day.

10:50 am  

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