Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Many years ago I worked with a client who always averred when things went wrong "I must have pissed on a witch". If I believed in such things as good and bad luck then this past week I must have done something similar. A combination of the whole household going down with flu, another bathroom leak and the car 'died' again this morning causing me to miss an important meeting. To counter the idea of bad luck: half the population has one of several leurgies doing the rounds, a small drip which we will track down and repair and, the car is due it's service at the end of the month. A new battery as well as the brakes are at the top of the repair list. It just happened to remind me two weeks earlier than anticipated. What is not so funny is discovering some revolting phlegm smeared on the passenger door handle as Mrs C. did yesterday. Suitably cleaned off by the redoubtable Mrs C. whilst expressing her strong views on the parentage of the miscreant. Sadly, this is the third time this has happened over the past year. I don't doubt that other cars along the road have been subjected to the same treatment.

On a more positive note I finally bought a new food blender in the sales for very little money. I have wanted one since Mrs C. lent our food processor to LE six months ago. This one is small so that I make small portions of soup from the fresh veg I insist we buy. It's also easier to clean and store away. Some homemade carrot, pepper and tomato soup went down a treat this afternoon. Thick, hot, filling and spiced to perfection with some crusty bread. I can once again make home made soups for work so I am a happy bunny. Stilton and brocolli soup, chowder, French onion soup, pea and ham soup...my mouth is watering. Some good recipes via the sainted Delia. There's a recipe for a wonderful easy game pie of venison, pigeon and pheasant which has caught my eye. After paying for the car repairs I may have to catch the pigeons myself!


Blogger Bill Sticker said...

You know, I've had a horrible thought; what if the population of the UK is plagued by demonic possession?


3:36 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

No wonder the metropolitan liberal elites hated the Pope's visit!

10:10 am  

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