Monday, January 03, 2011

I have been tagged by Bill Sticker in the blogging environment meme so here goes from left to right...

Radiator with large orange dog glued to it plus small cat in her box.
Table with PC, speakers and router.
Digital camera.
Combined usb operated fan and light.
Large plastic skull glass containing orange squash.
Three drawers full of stuff and shelves containing The Norton Anthology of Poetry, The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, Collins Softback English Dictionary, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible plus asorted recordable discs.
One free Jerry Lee Lewis CD courtesy of some newspaper.
Glass wipes.

Printer and scanner on small table to the right of the PC desk plus some Guinness bar towels and an Everards Tiger bar towel.
Bush turntable plus some vinyl records: Genesis, The Faces and Joni Mitchell.
A variety of DVD's including the Sherlock Holmes boxed set (Jeremy Brett),several ropey old WW2 movies, Landscape Mysteries, Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) boxed set, Band of Brothers boxed set, various Terry Pratchett, I Robot, Calamity Jane, Ghost Hunters (series from the 1990's), etc...
A stack of copier paper.

Book shelves crammed with all sorts of history & archaeology books, Sci Fi and historical fiction.
A lot of maps including Castles of Scotland and guides to Malt Whiskies.
A stack of Morse DVD's.
Three boxes stuffed with paperwork.
The Jolly Penguin game.
A jar of Vick's vapour rub.
Several CD's including Carly Simon. Gogol Bordello, Michael Buble, Arabic Chillout, Steve Earle and more Genesis (Nursery Cryme).
A bottle opener.
Some string.
Various shoes underneath the shelves.
A wrapped Christmas present yet to be delivered.
Second of the three cats sleeping on the laundry basket and about to be removed from there...

Behind me are the bed, wardrobes, sets of clothes drawers on on one of which is a stack of work related books, research articles and papers.
A wind up combined radio and torch.
An old 1950's Bakelite Bush radio.
Two 1930's children's books.
A rescued teddy bear.
Sleeping bag.

That's your lot.
* Now dusted with the glass wipes!


Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

Gosh that's quite a list. And thanks for tagging me. I'll make it in my next post.


10:18 pm  

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