Monday, February 15, 2010

Well I never...after whingeing about work, the management (They do do Ron) has given me a laptop for when I am out and about on my travels. One week before I am interviewed for a permanent position in the best interests job I have covered for the past year. Wonders will never cease etc... Mind you, there are three of us with a good chance of success chasing one and a half jobs! I suspect I will continue half & half in this and crisis work, the best of both worlds I hope. So I put it to the test today by working from home...just right as the sleet and snow fell and I avoided the hundred mile round trip to head office. Marvellous. Stress free and saving petrol money. Now if I can persuade patients to use the internet and webcams...I knew there was a flaw in this plan somewhere. As for Sainsbury's selling a Baker's Dozen of doughnuts which I noticed when I popped out for lunch..."I must resist...resist!" More bloody Hail Mary's will be required as opposed to Bloody Mary's for failing to resist temptation. Mrs C. ordered a Chinese takeaway this evening so I am stuffed with sugar, MSG, fats and 'guilt'*. Bloody hell it feels so good yet so bad.

*Free choice so I don't feel any guilt at all. I'll make up for it with Bran flakes and fresh fruit tomorrow so as to achieve some sort of balance.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

This is 2010 and the NHS have *just* given you a laptop to enable you to do your work more effectively?

How many laptops could be bought with even one unnecessary overpaid administrator's salary? No, don't answer that... Galling.

Even an LEA gave me a laptop. In 1994.

9:42 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Laptops given out left, right and centre to managers and their essential assistants. Front line staff are always at the end of the queue except for the bollockings. Then we are right at the front!

11:29 pm  

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