Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Four busy days at work as the referrals flood in and I am working through yet another lurgy. Blocked and painful sinuses, leaky eyes and I am deaf as my ears are also bunged up. But everyone I meet appears to be ill as well or just recovering. Thank the gods for nightnurse and Vicks vapour rub and tissues! A couple of days off now and time for a well earned beer tonight at my local. No.1's laptop has died again so a visit to a repair shop is required despite his initial demands for a new laptop. A firm no and refusal to engage in pointless protracted arguments worked.
Continued today (Wednesday) because this bug has given me achey bones and sitting at the PC was uncomfortable. But I sit here now surrounded by the beasties and sipping freshly brewed coffee. Apart from briefly shouting at the radio (I really do dislike Fiona Philips) I am having a quiet day in the warm as the pile of tissues grows bigger by the minute.

BBCi supplying the entertainment as I catch up on various shows including 'Dad's Army' which cheers me up no end and when I have had enough of that I'll switch to Spotify. Back to the radio...


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