Friday, May 19, 2017

It's been an interesting week with news that my father was rushed into hospital and then I forgot to go into work one day. My Dad's alright as it turned out to be a chest infection and not the cardiac arrest I was initially informed of by my Aunt. The missed day I put down to the rota being altered several times and I didn't realise I was due in. I received a verbal admonition from a senior manager after apologising and a reminder that I am on probation for the job for the first three months so any further instances and I won't have a job! To be fair, the senior manager also stated they'd received reports from all and sundry that I am doing an excellent job.  Fair enough, I am an adult and I screwed up but... {Edited!}...  My response has been to accept the telling off but I have also now cancelled my extra bank shifts. I will work my regular agreed hours each month as I don't need the extra money and I will leave the gaps in service to the managers to sort out.  Happily, I enjoy the work but I do just see it as a means to an end: paying off the mortgage, camper van and savings. So a holiday to be planned for this year in Ireland and I will spend some quality time with my Dad, try and get some more information about my great grandfather, what he did in the States to make his money and did he fight for the Union during the civil war. I might get a shock and discover he fought for the Confederacy or robbed banks and stage coaches out west! According to my Dad he became a naturalised U.S. citizen in Hartford, Connecticut in 1867 so there is a story to tell.

Hopefully I will gather enough information for the next stage of following this trail and that might entail a trip over to New York and Connecticut, possibly even next year. I won't know until I have some evidence that this did happen. It is all a bit 'Who do you think you are?'



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