Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A brief update as a shower is needed after finishing work (hospitals and heating at full blast) and another busy day completed. I am still working 8 - 4 each day but next week I will go onto the 12 hour shifts. Hopefully fewer days at work and more time to play!

Maisie deservedly behind bars as she is again bullying Sherlock. He is freaked out by the alleyway behind our house as people walk along it but also within the house. We can't see what it is but I suspect he is a simple soul associating his anxiety with past events where he was scared and Maisie encourages this. But we often find them sleeping or sitting near each other with no problems at all.

She also tries it on with Watson but he just belts her and she scarpers sharpish before he gives her seconds as seen above just before the battering. All in all it is business as usual with winds, sleet, hailstones and low temperatures to remind us how delightful spring is. Bracing weather Gromit!


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

One of the hospitals in our county has apparently failed to implement the 12 hour shift system because staff refused to work within it.

Given the ever increasing age of the workforce, I'm surpriesd that the NHS (who should after all know about health) thinks it is a good idea to put one's body under such stress...

1:43 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Looking at my fellow workers & a good 30 - 40% are near retirement plus several of us have retired and returned. Crisis point not far off where staffing is concerned.

7:08 pm  

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