Thursday, March 23, 2017

After yesterdays islamist attack and the sad deaths of PC Keith Palmer and others I possibly should say something deep and meaningful but I will link to Bill Sticker instead. I had discussed with Mrs C last week a trip to the old smoke to visit childhood haunts and play at being a tourist for a day. Given yesterdays incidents I think I will as my own 'Fuck you!' to the scum who do this. Mrs C thinks it's unsafe but I am more likely to die as a consequence of my lifestyle than at the hands of a deranged believer in fairy tales and bullshit. C'est la vie et la morte aussi, mais nous continuons...

The widget gets ever bigger and now at seven months old we have to ensure she is neutered. We are having to prevent her escaping outdoors as she is now sexually mature as indicated by the presence of a variety of Toms in the garden and Mindy's howling at windows and doors as she seeks escape. She is also like a whirlwind each evening racing around the house and knocking things over.

These photos were taken just several minutes ago as she clambered all over me and the latter is typical of trying to capture her image. She is very entertaining and very affectionate.

I have two weeks off before I start in my new job and so far I have had a lousy cold and after some tree cutting, an enforced stay of rest indoors as my aching muscles and bones recover. Note to self: I am no longer twenty one years old! I have nearly completed my latest addition to my model collection, an Elefant tank destroyer on the Russian front circa 1945.

This model involved the use of aftermarket kits, a new metal cannon and separate track links. As my skills improve I will eventually look at making dioramas to display kits in but my figure painting has a long way to go. I currently have a Russian BA 10 on the go which I will possibly paint as a Finnish captured trophy of war. I have also ordered a biplane, an Airfix BE2c (memories of my childhood interests!) in Braille scale. Thankfully I now have a new magnifying visor which makes me look like a mad professor but will aid my ageing eyesight. But today will be a day off from the garden and modelling. I have a leaving do to attend tonight as more colleagues are moving to greener and more pleasant pastures. So for today until I go out it will be feet up, tea and watching some movies.


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