Friday, May 05, 2017

My first week of working long days and boy am I tired. I worked Monday through to Wednesday followed by two days off and tomorrow I return for a further four long days. By the end of twelve days I will have completed nearly three weeks work. Happily, by then, the others will be fully on board and I can have a few days off. We can then have a regular rota and a better work / time off balance. It is interesting work but once we are fully operational we will often find ourselves isolated and having to make some very difficult decisions. Hopefully the three of us will get some time together and thrash out some of the teething and potential issues in the near future with the manager. Lots of walking which I like and getting to know the medical and nursing staffs in A & E and the wards which is also enjoyable. Let's see how it goes...

Some modelling work during my days off with the latest one completed. It's a Stug 4 circa 1944 Eastern Front although the photo flash tends to spoil the image and wash out the colours. I like the irony of the statue of Buddha amongst models of weapons of war.

I am not 100% happy with it but it is done and I am eyeing up my stash for the next model. 

I have put it on display with the others and then made a quick repair to one of the other models. I suspect the usual feline culprit, probably Mindy who has also taken to killing kitchen rolls with pieces scattered confetti like throughout the house.

A temporary protection using the seedling tray cover as bits have been chewed off, carried away and never seen again or possibly even eaten as Mindy and Maisie will eat anything. The unidentifiable mess Maisie threw up last night wasn't pleasant but I could identify grass amongst it! I have a couple of biplanes in the stash ready for my next adventure. An AirCo DH.2 scout plane from WW 1 and  a Supermarine Walrus from the Second World War. I have a soft spot for flying boats which have always held a fascination for me. Looking at the pictures above and I have run out of display space safe from inquisitive felines. I suspect that this coming week will be work and sleep with little time for R & R. However, the sun is shining and I shall sit out in the garden with a cup of tea and a good book. One tomato plant in and the other plants are hardening up outside ready for their transplantation to the raised bed. Have a good weekend folks and I shall catch up with you in a weeks time.


Blogger Scoakat said...

The schedule sounds rough, but I'm glad you sound encouraged. My work is such a disaster now, I wish I could write about it. Maybe I should consider a way to do it metaphorically.

And I agree with Blue Witch, it must take some patience to build models so well. And relaxing for you.

As for the cats, Mindy and Maisie are both female, I believe Were they feral? Pica? We purposely got two male brothers now, we've had female cats before. :)

11:13 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Maisie was a stray and just walked in one day whilst pregnant. No one admitted to having her as a pet locally so we adopted her. Mindy is one of her kittens. Real characters both of them. Generally they all get on now apart from the occasional scrap.
After four long days including a 13 hours yesterday and 14 hours today I am exhausted. I shall be having a chat with my manager because I am like the walking dead. I am exhausted. I'm still optimistic about the job and enjoying it.
You do need to be very careful about blogging any work stuff. I leave lots out and generally leave a few hours before posting if work is mentioned. A lot of posts have been scrapped because Ii don't want to have work discovering my blog.
Good luck and I hope your job improves.

11:32 pm  

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