Sunday, June 12, 2016

I have finally bitten the bullet and traded in the old Suzuki for a younger model. After encountering the roadworks at the Barnetby roundabout just off the A180 during the hottest day of the year thus far with a traffic lights failure and enjoying the essence de diesel fumes I decided I needed a better car, a modern car. One that didn't rattle and I could hear the radio through fully functioning speakers. One that also had air conditioning, always a plus for hot days sat in traffic admiring the HGV's.  I spent the next two days researching on-line and yesterday I popped into the local motor emporium to look at one particular motor that caught my eye. One test drive, much haggling and I left with a new motor and part-exchanged the old girl. The Suzuki had given sterling service for the past eight years but at the venerable age of twelve she was gradually falling to pieces, like an aged relative at the christening who is too fond of the gin and apt to sing rude songs which expands the vocabulary of the younger relatives.
I opted for a seven year old Mazda 3 Sport in a sensible black apparel with a 2 litre engine and a wonderful sound system. Even No.1 was impressed calling me the oldest boy racer in town. It ticks the boxes for me: comfy seats, air conditioning, good sound system and able to carry me in reasonable comfort particularly for some of the longer journeys I have planned over the next couple of years as well as being reasonable around town for work. Mrs C likes it although she loved the ease of access in the Suzuki and admitted to missing the old car. One concern is having to transport Muttley anywhere (Vet!) but I can cover the back seats / floor and she can step straight in. It was fascinating negotiating with salesmen but I eventually haggled the price down and got a free one years warranty plus a trade-in on the old car. When we have a dry day and possibly some sunshine I will post some photos.
With the dent in my savings I will probably have to increase my work to three days a week for the next few months but I don't mind that. It's quite nice to go in, do my job and finish for the day without getting involved in the politics or managerial shenanigans. Time to test out fitting an excitable dog into the car.


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