Monday, May 23, 2016

Mrs C is again unwell with some leurgy, the second one or a continuation of the same one she had two weeks ago. I do wonder that as we make advances in medical and public health sciences strange unknown diseases come to the fore. It might be that in the west health is generally pretty good and we tend to focus on illnesses as part of a collective neurosis. It is fascinating that people I regard as generally sound and balanced depart reality and rant about chem trails and secret government trials of unknown toxins and viruses. That's not to deny that governments have conducted research into a variety of nasty biological weapons and possibly continue to do so. But to reiterate my earlier suggestion, is this a modern phenomena? Historically people worried about illness and disease but there was a very strong chance of being killed by simple things such as septicaemia, measles, small pox, etc... Currently, there is the real worry about anti-biotic resistant bugs and we may be about to return to a world where simple bacteria start to kill us off again.  We live in an increasingly crowded world with easy travel and communication, with the recent scare of the ebola outbreak in West Africa a pertinent reminder of the need for vigilance. We are supposedly overdue a major influenza epidemic but hopefully that will remain overdue. Mrs C is thankfully not experiencing anything of this order of magnitude and hopefully rest, paracetamol and fluids will help her to recover.
As an after thought, we also live in a world where as little people we feel increasingly powerless, disconnected from the idiots whom we vote into power and assailed and assaulted by 24/7 media and rolling news. Throw into that mix the interminable bullshit of sleb culture and Voila! Let's nurture that collective neurosis. I admit that increasingly I am avoiding or ignoring the rolling news media and I stopped any engagement with sleb culture too many years ago to recall when I stopped it. Concentrate on family and friends, eat and drink well, grow stuff, stay connected to nature, keep pets and laugh. I would also add read and enjoy books to that list. Hopefully you are all keeping well and similarly avoiding the collective neurosis.



Blogger Scoakat said...

I hope Mrs C feels better soon, I'm sure take care as needed. I also agree with your other point. It was some time ago that i made a conscious decision to stop paying attention to most of the media sensationalism. My wife keeps me informed enough, too.

10:51 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Mrs C watches 24 hour rolling news whenever there is a major incident. No wonder she won't travel anywhere when she believes there is an imminent catastrophe involved in aircraft, trains, ferries let alone natural causes.

6:47 pm  

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