Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The pup is restored to reasonably good health after her treatment yesterday. X-rays revealed this time around no evidence of an enlarged heart but the endoscopy did reveal inflammation and narrowed airways in her left lung. A steroid injection and steroid tablets have given her a new lease of life. She still coughs but the intensity as well as the frequency of her coughing has reduced. She also has a problem with her larynx hence the horrible honking sound when she coughed. The biopsy from her lung will hopefully answer a few questions when the results come in. All in all she is a happier dog and slept very well last night. Unfortunately, from her perspective, she is on a proper diet now as she needs to lose about 4 kilos and will require a chest harness instead of the neck collar for her walks. The heart meds have also been stopped as unnecessary and hopefully this may help.

Talking of walks I cracked on first thing with my walking having missed it yesterday. Isn't Vaseline a wonderful invention. One of the issues runners, walkers and cyclists don't discuss in polite company! As I discovered this morning I am getting faster as I walk, the distances no longer seem so long and it is irritating walking on the spot waiting for traffic lights to change. It also invites some strange looks from the drivers but I feel healthier for doing this.  Good job I did go out first thing as it is currently snowing / sleeting. Ho hum... maybe some sunshine next week.



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