Sunday, April 20, 2014

This appears to have morphed into a weekly blog but I am happy to run it as such for now...

I have scaled back on the plants although tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts have gone in plus a variety of smaller flowers.

The Camellia returns every year growing through the middle of the Willow tree and every year I think I should remove it. Every year I decide not to do so because I like it although the petals look a bit burned around the edges.

As I potter around at my various tasks the urinating defecating cat food stealing canine unit follows me with hope in her heart and the precious in her mouth. The pink spiky ball is her favourite precious and is dropped behind my feet at every opportunity. A loud squeak followed immediately by loud cursing is inevitably the result of this behaviour. She is on enforced rest following a recent ball chasing episode. She was limping badly on her front leg with no obvious wounds or damage. Sadly it is the ravages of age so it will be gentle strolls for both of us. One of the cats (Molly) is also looking extremely fragile in her final years with weight loss, fur loss and possible dementia adding to her woes. She follows me everywhere and insists upon plonking herself on top of me. I spoil her now with tuna, chicken and ham. I have considered asking the vet to give her a check up but she is nineteen years old now and they can't cure the ravages of old age. She has given me hours of pleasure so in return I ensure her last years are as comfortable as possible.

Here she is contributing to a spring clean with the Thugpuss sleeping near her.
My plans for the bank holiday consisted of DIY but as I am again fighting the doldrums I shall put that off for another day. I finally bought a cordless drill for the planned task and I am hoping for a couple of dry days next week.
This latest mad wheeze from the govt. that knows the value of nothing and the price of corruption has caught my attention. I wonder... is it the govt. or just the civil service satsumas who are enabling financial creation amongst Nigerian princes and Russian IT techs greater access to our personal information. It is rank stupidity of highest calibre. We truly are governed by inept greedy feckless morons. I used to imagine a quiet retirement in my old age... the Ukraine, Syria,  EU bolloxisation, statist stupidity and the general dumbing down of civic society means I have no idea what things will be like ten years from now. I think I'll continue to concentrate on the small things in my control because there does seem to be an inevitability to this runaway train...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yes to your last para, and for your view on animals living out their lives with your best ministrations and not the vet's.

Surely, under the DPA, one must be given the option to opt out of the selling of the HMRC data, in the same way as with the NHS data? I hadn't heard about this, thanks for the tip off.

3:02 pm  
Blogger Declan Walsh said...

I'd like to think we could opt out but I bet we don't get a choice if this happens.
Molly's just munched some lean beef & she is roaming the garden, full of beans!

11:08 pm  

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