Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another day, another doldrum... not at all! Some weak sunshine and an early pootle around the garden, mainly to eradicate any snails or slugs with the temerity to ravish my green preciouses (I know!). I also sprayed the roses with very dilute washing up liquid because the dreaded whitefly has infested them. I tuned into the radio gardening programme and I was alarmed to hear "ground frost". A further check to ensure all the plants are protected against frost and haven't been 'burned' overnight.
 Yesterdays headache finally went by early evening and I slumped in front of the TV whilst Mrs C watched the noisy panem et circenses (designed to keep us plebs quiet). I have to admit that I too watched some of it whilst reading my kindle... I blame post headache malaise. Juvenal was bemoaning the corruption of Roman society and the erosion of ones attention to civic duties. The phrase is very pertinent to current society with thismore of this and the proliferation of reality TV shows, sports programmes and Jeremy Kyle rubbish. There is a general dumbing down with young people modelling themselves upon TV and sports 'slebs' and wanting everything now without the hard work required to achieve success. I know, I know... I am a grumpy old man who is generalising when possibly the majority aren't like that at all. *SIGH!*

Equilibrium is now restored....

Whilst keeping the occasional eye upon the TV shenanigans I read my kindle. Given it is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War I have downloaded several books and I am currently reading Robin Neillands "The Old Contemptibles". However, I was unable to put down the previous book  To the Victor the Spoils by Sean Longden which is well worth reading. There were times I had to stop because of the scenes he describes and leave it for a day before returning to it. As per usual when settled into my comfy armchair with a good book to read, it wasn't long before the three cats settled themselves on or around me. The poor old ladies are now looking tatty but it's to be expected as they are in their eighties or even nineties in human years. They have all the comforts of home and are pampered in their final years although Molly peed all over the old armchair t'other day much to Mrs C's chagrin. Even Thugpuss is settling down despite his penchant for bringing in butterflies (prey!) and assorted stray cats. As ever, all quiet here on the east coast front.


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